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What Is Group Life Plans

What is the need, or why you need life insurance

At Prudential, we understand how valuable your employees are to you. Group Life is one of the products offered by Prudential to all employers to provide lump sum payment (to dependents) in the event of an employee’s death due to either accidental and natural causes.

To qualify for Group Life, a company should have a minimum of 10 employees. Besides retaining key staff, the company transfers the burden of compensating the late employee’s dependents to Prudential.

Secure your family's financial needs with our insurance plans.

Our Top Selling group life Products

Funeral Assurance

How To Choose The Right Plan

  • Identify the need by asking the question, “What would happen if an employee died in service”?
  • Establish current employee benefits.             
  • Decide on the amount the organization would like to invest in its staff’s employee benefits.
  • Consult your broker/agent.
  • Request for a proposal from Prudential.

Group Life Plans Benefits

Permanent Total Disability

Compensation in case of irreversible disability

Critical Illness

Compensation in case of contracting a critical condition as described in the policy

Funeral Expenses

Expenses for a decent send-off

Hospital Cash Plan

Daily allowance for every night spent in hospital

As an interested Employer, what are the next steps?

If you already have a broker, request a proposal through them.

Alternatively, you can contact us direct on the following details:-

Email address:-   

Telephone number:- 0312 251458 

You can learn more from our frequently asked questions

As an employer you want your employees to feel secure. Financial insecurity is often a cause for stress and distraction which can impact your employees’ focus at work.

Group life insurance can give your employees the financial security they need.

As an employer it is important to consider how you might deal with the death of an employee and how you would support the bereaved family. Being able to be there for your employees and your employee’s family in their time of need is the right thing to do.
No, it also includes SACCOs. To qualify the SACCO should already exist and its members must be bound by a common objective. In other words, the SACCO should not be formed for the purpose of taking out Group Life Assurance.
Group Life Insurance forms part of the benefits offered to employees by the employer and as result it is fully funded by the employer.
Provided all the claim requirements received, the claim will be paid within 5 working days from date of receipt of the final document. The only reason, it would take longer is non receipt of the necessary documents.
A Free Cover Limit is the amount of insurance cover that an employee can enjoy without the need to go for medical examination.

Whereas the minimum is 20, Prudential shall be more than happy to listen to your situation.

When an employee leaves a company, cover will cease on the last day of their employment contract.


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