Omutiwa Gwo

In 2018, we launched our Prudential Health Business, we introduced into the market Pru Med, our champion group medical scheme that is tailor-made to meet the health demands and expectations of today’s employee.

The uptake of this product exposed us to the magnitude of the prevalence of non-communicable diseases among a huge fraction of the users of our Pru Med service. This prompted us to carry out a national heart survey to further help us understand how entrenched non-communicable diseases are in the wider population of Ugandans.

This initiated a two months long campaign dubbed Omutima Gwo, with the aim of spreading awareness on prevention of heart related diseases.  Prevention and awareness tips were shared on selected radio and television stations in Uganda and over 10 million people across the country were able to listen to or watch a heart disease related message.

This campaign also includes a heart camp, this avails the opportunity to thousands of Ugandans with the chance to get tested and to get qualified advice from Cardiologists and Nutritionists. The Prudential Heart Camp has had two editions so far, 2018 & 2019, with well over 3000 people getting the rare opportunity to have free heart health check-ups.

We recognise that operating in communities that are healthy is a essential if we are to achieve our business goals and our mission to enable families to secure their future. We will continue with the noble endeavour of trying to cause behavioural change for the improvement of the health of the communities in which we operate.

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