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You cannot predict the future. But you can make sure your family is taken care of

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Life Insurance

What is Life Insurance

You may not know what tomorrow has in store but we can help you prepare for it with our life insurance products that provide financial protection and stability to your loved ones in case of any unfortunate and unforeseen events.


What is the need, or why you need life insurance

If you have children/parents or people to whom you are the main provider of financial support, you need a life insurance policy. This will enable you to worry-less about their tomorrow as you work to make their today better

What is Term insurance & who should buy the Policy?

Term insurance is a type of life insurance that provides high coverage for low premium amount for a specific duration with no maturity benefits. Key persons in business entities with high replacement costs. Non-nationals reduce family burden in event death occurs away from home

What are the kinds of Life insurance plans available- Prudential Uganda?

1.Investment & Savings products

2.Pure risk products

Why Choose our Top selling Life Plan – Pru Edusave

PruEdusave is the most popular child education insurance policy in Uganda because it doubles as an investment & life protection policy.


Allows you to make regular contributions towards a targeted goal like children’s education, business capital, etc.

Life Protection

Provides a lump sum payment when an insured event like death or total permanent disability occurs; We take over responsibility of future premiums and we give the full amount of money you were saving for with bonus earned at expiry of your policy’s duration.


Looking after your child's future.

It is never too early to start planning your child’s future.With Pru EduSave, you can afford to give your child the best start in life.

Key Benefits of Life Insurance Plans

When you get a Prudential life
insurance plan, you can be sure that:

At the expiry of the period for which you are were saving for, we will give you the money you have saved inclusive of bonuses.
Using the example of our Pru Edusave product, in the event of the untimely death or permanent disability of the parent, Prudential will pay 50 per cent of the Sum Assured for the child’s education, take on the responsibility of making the monthly contributions as well as pay the full maturity value at the expiry of the term.

How to choose the Best Insurance Plan for you?

Write a list of all your current and future financial obligations
Select those obligations that are dependent entirely on your well-being
Choose a period for which you would like to purchase a life insurance policy for
Make sure you opt for an amount of monthly contributions that you can afford

Let us help you make
the right choice.

How to choose the Best Insurance Plan for you?

Secure your family's financial needs with our insurance plans.

Our Top Selling life insurance Products

Life Insurance Products

Investment & Savings products

Life Insurance Products

Pure risk products

Secure your family's financial needs with our insurance plans.

Our Top Selling group life Products

Funeral Assurance

General Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questons

The cover ceases and nothing is payable to the client.
The bonus on a dollar policy is usually lower because the currency is stable compared to the shilling where Prudential strives to provide for the loss of value through higher bonus rate. This is intended to ensure that the final pay out remains relevant to your needs.
There two ways around it, you either know how much you are willing to contribute or you are convinced about how much you want after the tenure of your policy. With the above, Prudential will ably advise the eventual outcome from a cost – benefit relationship.

Yes, a Life insurance policy is a contract between a policy holder & Insurer where the insurer promises to pay a designated beneficiary a lump sum upon happening of the insured event in exchange of regular premiums while Health medical insurance is a contract where the cost of medical treatment of the insured person is borne by the insurance company in exchange for a regular premium.

No, the mandatory medical tests initiated by the company are for cover that is beyond the medical limit to allow proper assessment of the risk the applicant possess. The findings will inform if the client is to be accepted at standard rates on pay more for the same cover.


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