Is there an age limit?

Yes – the minimum entry age for one to take out this plan is 20 years and the maximum age 65 years.

What happens if I miss a premium payment?

Provided your policy is still within the first two years, Prudential will allow you a grace period of up to 60 calendar days. During this period, you will continue to enjoy cover, meaning that should the insured event occur, the applicable benefits shall be paid out.

What happens if I stop paying the premiums?

If you stop paying premiums before the expiry of a period of two years, the policy will lapse and you will not be entitled to any money.

After two years, as the last resort, you can surrender your policy and receive a surrender value. This value is usually lower than the total premiums paid, if the cancellation of the policy is within the first five years.

It is very important to keep up with your insurance premiums to ensure that your family’s finances are secure.

Can a lapsed policy be reinstated?

Yes, provided this is done within twelve months from the date of lapse and that all arrear premiums are paid. At the discretion of Prudential, confirmation of continued good health may be required.

What happens if my nominated beneficiary dies?

In the event of death of your nominated beneficiary, you are allowed to replace the deceased member by nominating another beneficiary.

In the event of my death, what guarantee is there that Prudential will pay the promised benefits to my beneficiaries?

Prudential Uganda is regulated by the Insurance Regulatory Authority of Uganda, whose main responsibility among others, is to ensure that insurance companies honour claims. Furthermore, Prudential Uganda is a subsidiary of Prudential plc, UK, a company that has been honouring claims for over 167 years.