The breadwinner takes out the policy to provide a lump sum payment either for family protection or children’s education. You decide the amount of contribution as well as the duration (between 8 to 15 years), and Prudential calculates the Sum Assured i.e. the guaranteed amount payable upon death or permanent disability.

In the event of either the untimely death or permanent disability of the insured, Prudential will pay 50 per cent of the Sum Assured immediately. In addition Prudential will waive the remaining premium payments and also pay the full maturity value at the expiry of the term.

But life assurance isn’t only about death and disability. In the scenario that no claimable event occurs, Prudential will pay the full Maturity Value i.e. the Sum Assured plus any accrued bonuses to the policyholder.

Please note that bonus rates for US dollar denominated policies are typically lower than for policies denominated in Uganda shillings.